by Joelle Steele

For some years now, there have been 216 colors that were always considered to be pretty much Web-safe or browser-safe. They appeared fairly consistent regardless of what computer system, monitor, or browser was used. Times have changed, and most computers are no longer limited to just 216 colors. Monitor quality has changed dramatically, and browsers are more compatible as well, and people are now browsing the Web on their cell phones and tablets. But, unfortunately, not all of those hand-held devices have the ability to depict anything other than the 216 colors (so far).

In the table below are the 216 colors and their hexadecimal codes. Following this table are the W3C colors.


Web Safe Color Chart


What, might you ask, is W3C? It's an abbreviation for the World Wide Web Consortium, a collective of Web experts who work together to develop standardized technologies that increase the functionality of the World Wide Web. It is then up to all the various software manufacturers to voluntarily comply with those standards for the benefit of their users. The W3C also has charts of newer colors that are supported by most browsers.


Color can enhance a website's appearance, so to be sure the colors you choose look great on all the smaller hand-held devices, stick to the Web-safe colors and W3C colors for the time being. It won't be long before all devices can display all the beautiful colors of the rainbow!

This article last updated: 06/18/2014.