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by Joelle Steele

For her entire life, Joelle Steele has been an artist, designer, and collector, and has also taught art and the business of art. The following are some of her previously-published articles about art, conservation, collecting, photography, and marketing your art/photography.

2016-05-22: Investing in Art: Learn how much it costs, where to buy it, what to buy, investing versus collecting, and what can happen when you want to sell.

2015-11-08: Colors for Your Web Site: The role of color in web marketing, web-safe/browser-safe colors (including samples of each), color palettes, and a few "don'ts" in the use of color on your website.

2015-10-28: Painting Your House: How to select exterior and interior colors for your house, how to select colors that bring the outdoor color scheme indoors, and working with color palettes.

2015-10-26: Chromodynamics - The Psychology of Color: The history of color as it relates to the psychology of color, and the symbolism behind the various colors.

2015-10-18: How to Light Your Fine Art Paintings: Looks at the kinds of lighting available and which are safest and most effective for illuminating art.

2015-09-19: Where Art Meets the Mind: The role of the eye and brain in effective advertising.

2015-08-29: Color in Advertising: The role of color in logos, print ads, brochures, etc.; the use of color; selecting color palettes; and a few "don'ts" in the use of color in your print work.

2015-06-02: Colors - The Seasons of Your Wardrobe: Describes the origins of the seasonal color system (summer, winter, spring, and fall colors), notes the basic colors for each season, and the personalities of each season.

2015-03-10: Conserving Works of Art on Paper: How to handle, mount, frame, display, store, and in other ways protect your art investment.

2015-03-06: Collecting Antique Photographs: Anyone can collect old photos, even on a tight budget.

2014-12-30: Photo Forensics - Can You Tell If A Photo Is Retouched? This article looks at whether or not you can tell if a photo has been altered, edited, enhanced, retouched, manipulated, or "photoshopped" with the intent to defraud.

2014-11-27: Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Tintypes-Which Is Which and How Can You Tell?: Some tips on how to tell these three non-paper photographs apart.

2014-11-17: Selecting Paints in Black and White: A simple artist's guide to selecting white and black paints.

2014-10-25: How to Varnish Your Acrylic Paintings: How to select varnish and apply it to enhance your painting and protect it from dirt, dust, and environmental pollutants.

2014-09-11: Types of Non-Paper Photos: Identifying types of non-paper photographs.

2014-09-08: How to Digitally Restore Your Antique Photographs: Scanning vs. digital cameras, the scanning process, editing or restoring (color, contrast, enlargement, tools, saving, and sepia tints).

2014-08-03: Eight Tips for Artists: How to achieve greater success in your artistic career pursuits.

2014-04-14: Does An Art Education Guarantee Success?: Outlines the options artists have for studying their craft and how their studies impact on their art.

2014-04-10: How to Fix the Most Common Website Mistakes: Learn about the problems that can occur with navigation and links, contact pages, writing, readability, photos/images/graphics, ads, animation, number of clicks, splash pages and loading screens.

2014-03-27: Art Prints and Printmaking Processes: If you collect prints, this articles describes some of the types of prints and printmaking processes you might encounter along the way.

2014-03-11: Photographing Your Portfolio - One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words: Some basic tips on how to create and photograph your presentation portfolio or online portfolio to best illustrate your projects or products.

2014-02-21: Conserving Works of Art on Canvas: How to handle, frame, display, and prevent damage to your own art or the art you collect.

2014-01-12: Selecting & Using Typefaces & Fonts For Print Work and Web Sites: Learn about the history and use of fonts and typefaces; what font sizes mean; font names, attributes, and similarities; fancy fonts; fonts on the web; and fonts that fit.

2013-11-14: Pricing Your Art: Price Tips for Emerging Artists: Six basic factors to consider when pricing your art work.

2013-11-13: From Mundane to Magic-Ideas and Inspiration in the Real World: All creative people have many ideas that can bring them success.

2013-11-08: How to Hire and Work With A Creative Service: What a creative service is, hiring and working with one, establishing budgets.

2013-10-13: Painting Tips and Techniques - Acrylics: A few tips on working with acrylics on canvas.

2013-10-03: How to Photograph Your Art: If you're an artist or collector and want to keep digital records of your art, this article should help you do it yourself.

2013-09-19: Make Your Art Show A Success: Detailed helpful tips for gallery shows and craft fairs.

2013-08-11: Types of Paper Photos: Identifying types of paper photographs.

2013-03-17: Basics of Color Theory: Defining color, color wheels, color models, color chips, and mixing colors.

2013-02-16: Neuromarketing: What is it and should you be scared?

2012-10-17: Preserving Antique Photos: How to handle, store, and display your old photographs.

2012-09-18: Advertising & Marketing Tips: A few words about advertorials, press releases, broadcast advertising, updating your image, ad copy, marketing during a recession, keeping ad costs down, sharing your know-how, and display ads.

2012-09-12: A Brief History of Photography: Brief but comprehensive history, starting with the camera obscura up to the digital camera era.

2012-08-13: The Origins of Hand-Tinting Photographs: How did they do it in the old days? The same way people still do it today!

2012-08-13: Digitally Restoring Photographic Panoramas: These ultra-long photographs require some special steps in the restoration process.

2012-07-24: Create, Select, and Edit Photos for Use in Advertising: Tips on how to shoot photos, select the right ones, edit them, and use them in ads and Web pages.

2012-07-14: How to Select and Prepare Photos and Other Images for Publication: What the eye sees and the brain interprets, selecting images, best and other options in electronic format.

2012-05-09: Antique Photographs & How They Were Made: The many photographic processes defined, from Daguerreotypes to 20th century film.

2012-03-10: Scanners and Scanning: A brief look at the ins and outs of scanners and the photographic scanning process.

2012-03-02: Being What You Are Meant To Be: The artist's road to success is not without its detours.

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