Astrology & New Age

by Joelle Steele

Joelle began studying astrology at the age of 13. She began providing astrology consultations at 24, starting with a general practice and shortly moving to her specialty area of career and life purpose. She has written a few small books on astrology, including "The Astrological Prediction of Earthquakes and Seismic Data Collection," based on her earthquake research which began in 1973. In the mid-1990s, Cosmic Patterns incorporated Joelle's seismic data collection of 2,400 events into their Kepler Professional Astrology program. Joelle has lectured and taught astrology, and her many articles about astrology, ESP, and other New Age topics have been published in a variety of periodicals. She was the resident astrologer at the former Phoenix Bookstore in Santa Monica, California, and was the editor and publisher of the bi-monthly, internationally-circulated small press magazine, "The California Astrologer" (1995-2001). Some common astrology terms are defined in Joelle's Glossary of Astrological Terms, and the following are some of her previously-published astrology and new age articles:

2016-01-21: Astro-Relocation - Finding Your Best Place to Live: Using astrology and common sense to find your true home town.

2016-03-16: Solar Return Charts - Many Happy Returns: Does going to a different place really improve your chances of having a better year, or should you just stay at home?

2015-11-03: Rectification of Your Birth Time-The Key to Accuracy in Astrology: Briefly explains how the accuracy of your birth time affects the use of astrology in your life.

2015-09-22: Turning the Career Wheel-Gain Insights Into Your Career or Business by Deriving Your Astrological Chart: The interpretation of a derived natal chart for insight into your career or business.

2015-05-15: Predicting the Big One: Problems inherent in the astrological prediction of earthquakes and other natural disasters, including why transits of epicenters don't work, variations in epicenter data, and why we need accurate birthdates for cities and countries.

2015-12-19: Selecting A House System: The basics of house systems and which might work best for you.

2014-03-24: Astrological Symbols-How They Are Constructed and What They Mean: A brief explanation of the symbols used for the planets and signs.

2013-04-09: Message Scripting and Listening Techniques for Maximum Results in Subliminal Learning and Behavior Modification: How to select and use subliminal recordings to achieve your goals.

2012-03-11: Use of Psychics in Police Investigations: Describes ways in which police can better utilize the services of legitimate psychics in their investigations.

2011-10-19: What A Coincidence! Synchronicity in Action: A collection of coincidences, just for curiosity's sake.

2011-06-27: Astrology of a New Age - When Did The Age of Aquarius Begin?: Did the Aquarian Age begin with the Industrial Revolution, or did it begin much later?

2011-03-29: A Brief Introduction to Symbols: An explanation of some of the terms synonymous with symbols.

2010-10-11: Christians vs. Astrologers: Questions the source of why some Christians still think astrology is evil or in some way counter to their Christian beliefs.

2009-08-07: Johannes Kepler: A brief bio of this famed ancient astronomer and astrologer.

2008-04-11: Subliminal Influence-Behavior Modification and Sleep Learning: How subliminal stimuli affects you and your brain.

2005-11-09: Venus - Astronomically Speaking: A few basics on the planet Venus.

2004-10-11: What Is Astrology?: Astrology is far more than those little entertainment horoscopes in magazines.