Handwriting Analysis

by Joelle Steele

Joelle Steele is a forensic handwriting expert who began studying graphology as a teemager, and later attended a wide variety of graphological workshops and seminars, and became certified in 1987. Since then, she has analyzed more than a thousand documents ranging from letters, wills, bank drafts, invoices, employment applications, etc., to anonymous and/or threatening letters. She is experienced in forgery detection, linguistic profiling, the use of handwriting analysis in personnel selection, and the analysis of non-cursive (printed) writing. The following are a few of her previously-published articles:

2016-05-24: Handwriting Traits That Can Signal Psychological Problems: Samples of handwriting that can indicate unstable personalities.

2015-06-16: Graphology and Screening Job Applicants: The use of handwriting analysis in the personnel selection process.

2015-04-13: Personality Profiles-Handwriting Tells The Story: Graphology can be used to identify your personality characteristics.

2014-08-03: Forensic Graphology-Detecting Forgery and Identifying Anonymous Writers: How handwriting analysis is used to detect forgery and identify writers of hate mail.

2012-05-26: A Brief Introduction to Handwriting Analysis: How it works, the difference between its forensic use and its psychological interpretation.

2012-02-16: Authentication of Questioned Documents: An introduction to forgery detection.

2011-03-04: Analysis and Comparison of Handwriting Samples to Authenticate A Signature or Document: A quick overview of forensic graphology.

2009-02-16: A Brief History of Graphology: From ancient Chinese and Roman times to our modern world, handwriting has fascinated casual observers, scientists, artists, and many other people as it evolved into an accepted science.