Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

by Joelle Steele

For information about Joelle Steele's background in the horticultural industry, please see her detailed horticultural bio.

The following are some of Joelle's previously-published (and regularly updated) articles with information about indoor and outdoor plants and floral practices. You can also read her articles about the interior/exterior landscape business.

2016-01-16: Night Lighting the Landscape: Safety and Security Come First: Learn why floodlights do NOT provide security for a home or business, and how to correctly light for security and to highlight design features of a landscape.

2016-09-07: Landscape Retaining Walls: A few basic guidelines for building retaining walls and for regular inspection of those walls to prevent damage that results if/when they fail or collapse.

2014-12-28: Good Neighbor Gardening: The importance of good communication, maintaining fences, trimming trees, the use of vines on fences and common areas, weeds, pests, "junkyards", and helping out.

2013-06-27: Deer-Resistant Plants for Pacific Northwest Gardens: Before you build an electric fence, try some of these plants to repel deer.

2013-05-23: Feng Shui Your Garden: Some tips on using Feng Shui to improve your life with plants and other garden items.

2013-05-21: Feng Shui Your Home or Office with Plants and Flowers: A quick look at how you can improve your life with plants and the ancient art of Feng Shui.

2013-02-21: How and When to Prune Roses in Pacific Northwest Gardens: Describes the kinds of roses you are most likely to have in your yard and how and when to prune them.

2013-02-21: Planting and Maintaining Hedges in Pacific Northwest Gardens: Explains how to create and maintain a healthy and attractive hedge.

2012-06-13: Plants Clean The Air We Breathe: A summary of the research studies by Dr. Bill Wolverton that found plants removed toxic chemicals from our indoor environments.

2010-10-09: A Brief History of the Use of Poisonous Plants: For centuries, people have been using poisonous plants to commit murder.

2010-09-11: Poisonous Plants - Common Species: A short encyclopedia of poisonous plants.

2010-09-10: Poisonous Plants - Physiology: Describes the alkaloids, glycosides, and other toxic compounds found in poisonous plants.

2007-08-28: Wedding Flowers and Arrangements: Some of the common bouquets, corsages, and arrangements used in weddings.

2007-08-27: Floral Tools, Supplies and Working Safely: A brief look at the tools and supplies used in flower arranging and working safely.

2007-08-24: Floral Arrangements: An explanation of some of the basic arrangement styles used in flower arranging.

2007-08-24: Floral Design: A look at the design basics as they apply to flower arranging.

2007-08-24: Ikebana: A brief description of the styles of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging.

2007-08-24: Floral Preparation and Maintenance: How to cut and prepare flowers and maintain flower arrangements.

2006-06-21: Basics of Foliage Diseases: Descriptions of some of the most common diseases of tropical plants.

2005-08-12: Plant Consciousness: Do Plants Think?: For thousands of years people have been trying to determine whether or not plants can think or react to various stimuli. Here's a quick history of that subject.

2004-09-03: Fertilizers-A Feast for Foliage: A quick look at fertilizers as used in the interior landscape. How to select and apply.

2004-06-09: Carnivorous Plants: A brief description of the characteristics and growing conditions of insectivorous plants.

2004-04-28: Indoor Dracaenas: A brief plant profile of these larger species of the lily and other plant families.

2003-11-20: The Sweet Smell and Healing Effects of Herbs and Flowers: A brief article on the use of herbs and flowers for their fragrance and healing effects.

2002-09-17: Magical Plants: Plants have been used for casting spells and bringing good luck and love since ancient times. Here is a collection of those plants and some of their common magical applications that are still in use to this day.

2002-07-14: Third Day Creations - Biblical Herbs: Information regarding the herbs mentioned in the Bible, problems with some of their Biblical translations, and finding suitable substitutes.

2001-01-13: A Brief History of the Interior Landscape & Floral Industries: An overview of the industries from the dawn of time until the early years of the 21st century.

2000-04-11: Bromeliads: A brief plant profile of these epiphytic plants.

2000-04-11: Indoor Ferns: A brief profile of ferns used as houseplants.

2000-01-15: Indoor Prayer Plants: Marantas and Calatheas: A brief profile of some of these colorful plants.

2000-01-14: Myths Behind Plant Names: The myths and legends that led to the names of some of our common garden plants.

2000-01-14: Indoor Ivies: A brief plant profile of some of the most common ivies used in the interior landscape.

2000-01-12: Winter Gardening Indoors: How to overwinter your garden plants indoors, and water and feed them correctly until spring comes back.

1995-11-25: Streamlining the Design Process: Breaking down the design process into manageable steps, including examining the space and the client's needs, the design details, and appropriate design format. Also some basic design terminology.

1994-11-27: What's In A Name?: The basics of plant taxonomy (classification) and how to pronounce all those Latin and Greek names.

1993-11-14: Interiorscaping the Restaurant Environment: Nothing is more tricky than taking care of plants in restaurants. Matching the plants to the decor, practical and decorative placement of plants, and selecting plants and containers for ease of maintenance.

1993-05-19: Indoor Orchids: A brief profile of some popular orchids used in the interior landscape.

1989-04-08: Indoor Ficus Trees: A brief profile of these popular houseplant trees.