Miscellaneous Subjects

by Joelle Steele

Joelle has had many articles published on a wide variety of topics, some of which don't fit into her specialty categories elsewhere on this website, so here are a few of those misfits:

2016-07-24: Upgrading Apartment Rentals: If you own an apartment building, here are some tips for upgrading and maintaining your units to be able to adequately raise your rents.

2016-06-02: Photographic Phenomena-Explaining the Unexplained in Photographs: Answers to questions about orbs, mists, vortices, trails, and other "stuff" that appears in some photographs.

2016-04-16: Study and Test-Taking Tips: Once you learn how to study and how to take a test, learning and good grades will surely follow!

2015-03-28: Kirlian Photography-A Brief Look at Electro-Photography: A short history and explanation of the process.

2007-06-29: Finding The Right Pet Bird For You: Being the caretaker of a caged bird is a big responsibility, and you want to get it right.

1994-08-26: Cockroaches - Know Your Enemy!: Learn about cockroaches and how to prevent them from taking over your house or apartment.