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by Joelle Steele

Joelle Steele is the author and self-publisher of fiction and non-fiction books and articles. She is also a legal writer of contract templates for small businsses. She has extensive published credits and has worked as a writer, editor, and publisher for her entire adult life. Joelle is also a former publisher of periodicals and a former editor of more than 100 books, primarily for first-time authors. She taught adult ed classes in writing and publishing (1983-2016) and she speaks on those topics for writers' groups and other publishing industry organizations. The following are some of her previously published articles about writing and publishing.

2015-12-23: Know Your Creative Rights: You have lots of rights and other legal issues to attend to when you enter the creative arena. This article briefly describes and defines first amendment rights, intellectual property, ownership and possession, copyright, public domain, derivative works and plagiarism, defamation (libel and slander), and publishing rights.

2015-11-05: A Dozen Tips for Writers: How to achieve greater success in your writing career pursuits.

2015-10-23: Five Tips for Improving Your Non-Profit's Publication: You can make your non-profi organization's publication more attractive and draw advertisers to offset production and editorial costs.

2015-09-28: Preparing Your Manuscript For Editing: A fairly detailed summary of all the various items, particularly grammatical ones, that you should be attending to before you send your manuscript off to an editor.

2014-08-14: Format Your Manuscript for a Great Ebook Conversion: You can make a successful ebook conversion every time using the step-by-step instructions in this article.

2014-06-15: Is Self-Publishing For You?: Explains the differences between royalty publishers and self-publishing, pros and cons of self-publishing, costs involved in doing it all yourself.

2014-04-26: Why Is Editing So Expensive?: Learn what an editor does that drives up the cost of editing and how you can take steps to keep that cost down and still get the best editing job possible.

2012-09-13: From A Book to A Movie-The Ins and Outs of Screenplay Adaptations: Looks at what happens when a story is made into a screenplay, comparing four books with their award-winning cinematic counterparts.

2011-07-14: What Is A Writing Style?: What writing style is and what it means to introduce a style into your writing.

2010-11-12: How to Write Useful Writer's Guidelines: Publishers need to provide helpful guidelines for writers, and this explains what is needed.

2010-04-26: How to Write A Book Proposal: Covers the introduction (the longest part), author background, outline, sample chapters, and proposal summary.

2007-02-19: Planning Your Non-Profit Organization's Annual Publication: Explains how to create a schedule that will help keep your organization on track so that your annual roster or guide gets published on time.

2006-06-21: Working With A Literary Agent: Explains what literary agents do and helps you decide whether you want or need one and how to find one.

2005-05-04: How to Write A Press Release and Get It Published: Many never see the light of day. Learn how to write and submit press releases correctly.

2003-10-09: Tips for Writing Poetry: Some things to know and remember about constructing poems and writing and editing them.

2003-04-16: Designing and Writing Brochures: Covers the basics of putting a brochure together for yourself or a client.

2000-03-27: Using Newsletters to Promote Your Business: It's a lot of work, but nothing will help you promote stronger client relations than a well-written and produced newsletter.

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