by Joelle Steele

Souvenirs of Europe

COMING SOON! (Print Edition)
ISBN# 978-1-940388-

Not every European artist working during the first half of the twentieth century went on to achieve the fame of a Rembrandt or Gauguin. But most were at least able to eke out a living by selling their etchings of landscapes and townscapes, often to tourists and soldiers stationed in Europe during the two World Wars. For many, this meant traveling beyond the borders of their home towns and journeying throughout their own country or neighboring countries to find the most popular tourist landmarks, street scenes, and engaging rural scenery that would make the best etchings and attract buyers. Their etchings ranged in style from sketchy to painterly and from black and white to full color images, always revealing the individual eye and skill of the etchers, many of whom, to this day, are known only by their name, while others remain unidentified. But these works of art are highly collectible and readily found in garage sales, antique malls, auction houses, and online stores. The artists may be gone, but their etchings have stood the test of time. This book showcases 150 etchings by 50 artist/etchers working in this genre in Europe from 1900 to 1949.