Get The Job and Make A Profit:
Sales, Marketing, and Estimating Techniques
for Landscapers and Interiorscapers

by Joelle Steele

Cover, Get the Job and Make A Profit: Sales, Marketing, and Estimating Techniques for Landscapers and Interiorscapers by Joelle Steele

2006 (Print), 4th ed., 92 pgs
ISBN: None

2014 (ebook), 5th ed.
ISBN: 978-1-940388-13-7

* Give fast, free estimates
* Avoid apples-to-oranges bidding
* Market your services
* Use proven sales techniques
* Sell your designs
* Price for profit

April 27, 2014: Learn to avoid the "apples to oranges" bidding syndrome in your landscape or interiorscape business. Get The Job covers basic sales and marketing techniques; and Make A Profit consists of tips on bids, estimates, proposals, and pricing for profit in design, maintenance, installation, and leasing. Learn to set goals and objectives; develop a marketing plan; target your market; establish a company image; use advertising and promotional techniques; track marketing responses; and more.

Basic sales review helps you brush up on your presentation, learn how to give estimates and understand the difference between estimates, bids, and proposals; how to charge for design; and what to include in a contract. Also included are a glossary of terms and a few pages of Q&A material that address commonly asked questions. Print version is 5.5" x 8.5" and is spiral bound to open flat for ease of use.


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I've been successfully using the sales techniques in "Get the Job and Make a Profit" since 1988. - M. Turner, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I bought "Get the Job" and also your Web site book. They were a small investment that has made a big difference in my business. Thanks! - T.G. Lawson, Walnut Creek, California

I bought "Get the Job and Make a Profit" in 1990, and I've been selling my interior landscape designs ever since. I even teach your methods to my sales people. - Wyatt Reedman, Sandston, Virginia

"Get the Job and Make a Profit" is a unique and worthwhile approach to sales. I was extremely skeptical at first and it took me awhile to get the hang of it, but selling my designs really works. - Karlie Ikirk, Beverly Hills, California

I am impressed with the amount of information you pack into such small books. "Get the Job & Make a Profit" has been a wonderful resource for someone like me who has so little business background. Thanks very much, Joelle! - Michelle Fisk, Waukesha, Wisconsin

If given the chance, your sales and marketing techniques in "Get the Job and Make a Profit" could revolutionize the interior landscape industry. - Jon Coletto, New York, New York


September 17, 2006: Author and horticultural industry consultant Joelle Steele announces the release of an expanded 4th edition of her best-selling book, Get The Job and Make A Profit, based on the workshop by the same name. The difference? This new version of the book is subtitled Sales, Marketing, and Estimating Techniques for Landscapers and Interiorscapers, which indicates that the text has changed to address the needs of outdoor landscapers as well as interior landscapers (the original target market), and that it additionally includes marketing information, which was only touched upon in the 1985 and 1989 editions. These changes were achieved through a merger of the original Get The Job and Make A Profit and the now out-of-print How to Market Your Horticultural Business, creating a more thorough approach to the process of finding clients and closing sales. Also available at,, and other online booksellers. Spiral-bound, 90 pgs, Joelle Steele Enterprises.

March 3, 1985: New Leaf Press publisher and landscape industry consultant Joelle Steele has released Get The Job and Make A Profit: Sales and Estimating Techniques for Interior Landscapers, a book based on the audiotape of her best-selling half-day seminar by the same name. Steele's book covers sales and marketing techniques, avoidance of "apples to oranges" bidding, pricing for profit, and contract negotiations. Saddle-stitched, 44 pgs, Joelle Steele Enterprises.