Plantscaper's Guide
to Interior Landscape Maintenance

by Joelle Steele

Cover, Plantscaper's Guide to Interior Landscape Maintenance by Joelle Steele

2009 (Print), 4th ed., 104 pgs
ISBN: 978-1-940388-01-4/1-94038801-5

2014 (ebook), 5th ed.
ISBN: 978-1-940388-17-5

It's a fact: At least 90% of all plant losses are a direct or indirect result of incorrect watering. Learn to water and stop plant losses now!


May 19, 2014: Learn how to water correctly and stop plant losses starting today. Explains when to water; how to apply water; how much water to apply; and how the pH, temperature, and content of water affect the ability of a plant to use the water and the fertilizers you apply. Learn about soil and soil mixes, pests, light, temperature, plant nutrition, what fertilizer does to a plant, and how to read and interpret a fertilizer label.

Includes 85 illustrated plant profiles, four pages of Q&A material covering frequently asked plant care questions, and a Spanish-English/English-Spanish glossary. Print version is 5.5" x 8.5" and is spiral bound to open flat for ease of use.


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I just want you to know how much I enjoy your books, especially "Plantscaper's Guide." It's fantastic. I'm new to this business and I couldn't get along without it. Thanks, Joelle. - Mary Agnew, San Antonio, Texas

"Plantscaper's Guide" is just what I've been looking for all these years. Good price too. - Matt Rush, Inglewood, California

Thanks for "Plantscaper's Guide" It's a very helpful book. - Mark Holdridge, Trenton, New Jersey

I have your other books, but this new hybrid, "Plantscaper's Guide" is the best. Thanks! - Bella Witsig, Evanston, Illinois

"Plantscaper's Guide" does a very good job of explaining how to water properly. Keep up the good work! - E. Jeffers, Los Angeles, California

Thank you so much for "Plantscaper's Guide" I finally have a handle on watering and so do all my techs. - V. Cooley, Sweetwater, Texas

We liked your "Indoor Watering Techniques" book, and now we've switched to "Plantscaper's Guide" since it includes that book plus your ABC plants series. We love "Plantscaper's Guide" and it's required reading for all our techs. - K. & R. Adjamos, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Plantscaper's Guide" is the perfect manual for me and my two techs. I especially like the part about watering. You really know your stuff, Joelle. - Mikki Leonard, Summerland, California

"Plantscaper's Guide" is a great little book! Bought another 20 copies and can't wait to get them in the hands of my crew. - J. Notting, Boston, Massachusetts

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Your books have helped me so much, and "Plantscaper's Guide" is just right for a trainee like me. I don't leave home without it! - Lydya Formada, Renton, Washington

We call "Plantscaper's Guide" The Guide. Thanks, Joelle. You're the best! - Lana and Chelsea, San Diego, California


April 14, 2009: Joelle Steele Enterprises has just released the new and expanded 4th edition of its best-selling book for interiorscapers, Plantscaper's Guide to Interior Landscape Maintenance, by author and industry expert Joelle Steele. First released in 2005, Plantscaper's Guide has sold more than 4,000 copies to a very small niche market within the greater horticultural industry. This latest edition addresses the growing number of Spanish-speaking interiorscapers, and includes English-Spanish and Spanish-English glossaries for some of the most common horticultural terms used by plantscapers. All the information from the previous editions is still here, including everything about water and indoor watering techniques; temperature; light; soils and planting mixes; pest and diseases; nutrition and fertilization; and more. Plantscaper's Guide is illustrated with 85 plant profiles and includes several pages of frequently asked plant care questions answered by the author. In response to requests for sturdier binding, Plantscaper's Guide has a heavier cover and has been spiral-bound to open flat. Also available at and other online booksellers. Spiral-bound, 104 pgs, Joelle Steele Enterprises, ISBN 978-1-940388-01-4

February 10, 2005: Interior landscape consultant Joelle Steele has announced the release of her latest book for interiorscapers, Plantscaper's Guide to Interior Landscape Maintenance. This book is a heavily rewritten compilation of five of Steele's existing works: The ABCs of Indoor Palm Trees, The ABCs of Indoor Ferns, The ABCs of Indoor Dracaenas, Soils and Nutrients for Indoor Plants, and the best-selling Indoor Watering Techniques. As with the previous books, Plantscaper's Guide includes several pages of frequently asked questions answered by Steele, along with a Resource Guide. Saddle-stitched, 60 pgs, Joelle Steele Enterprises.