by Joelle Steele

Cover, Reflections by Joelle Steele

2016 (Print Edition)
ISBN# 978-1-940388-25-0

2016 (eBook)
ISBN# 978-1-940388-24-3

March 18, 2016: Georgina Castle is a successful San Francisco antiques dealer with more than a passing acquaintance with the supernatural. Her fear of again encountering an entity has altered her life and ruined her marriage. But life goes on. One day, while hosting an estate sale for a friend, she purchases a matching pair of early 18th century French mirrors for her collection. She knows that the owner of the mirrors disappeared without a trace many years ago, but she is curious about their earlier origins.

Georgina researches their marks and finds that the maker is Raphaël Verrier, a controversial man about whom her grandfather, a mirror expert, wrote a short book. But just as she begins to read the book, she realizes that something is not right with one of the mirrors. Not only does the image of a woman appear within the glass, it also speaks and begs for help. And as Georgina and her friends encounter the woman's reflection and try to communicate with her and free her spirit, the story of Raphaël and his relationship with her unfolds on the pages of Georgina's grandfather's book.


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I was expecting a stereotypical ghost-in-the-mirror story, but this was definitely not it. Instead, it's two separate stories that take place more than two centuries apart, and they come together perfectly in the end. This book was self-published, and as an editor, I can only say that I was impressed with the excellent writing and story-telling ability of the author. I highly recommend this book. - D.D. Mayo

This is another fascinating tale from an author who enjoys writing intricate and detailed stories that break from overused plot lines and banal endings. The story is cleverly split between today and the distant past which all dovetails into one common outcome. The discussion of mirror beliefs and the events concerning mirrors have actually made me a little leery of them so she has definitely gotten into my head. - C. Martelli (5 stars on Amazon)

This is an unusual book with chapters alternating between 21st century San Francisco and early 18th century Italy and France. It's a mystery but also a ghost story, and it's well-told with interesting characters. Not your typical haunted mirror story. - allegro_goes

This novel really takes you to 18th century Europe in a big way without losing sight of the fact that the story also takes place today. The insight into the history of the Catholic Church's Papal Inquisition was both frightening and enlightening. - Ava Garond

I love fiction, but this novel made me like non-fiction too with all the historic details, which were amazing. I felt like I was there and I learned a lot while enjoying a great little mystery/ghost story. - J.P.

What a fascinating story! Forget about the fact that it's a mystery and ghost story. That's a good read all by itself. But the story of the Catholic Church and the Jews and other heretics in the early 1700s in Europe was remarkable. This short novel has it all. - bearingstraight.