by Joelle Steele

Spider in the Attic

COMING SOON! (Print Edition)
ISBN# 978-1-940388-

ISBN# 978-1-940388

Irene Arden is happily married and living with her husband Karl on his family farm in the beautiful, pastoral Independence Valley of western Washington. Irene adapts well to farm life and makes friends in the community. Sounds like paradise, but there is just one catch: Irene must live in the same house as Karl's mother, Agda, a weaver, and self-proclaimed " spider in the attic, weaving my woolly webs." A bitter and angry woman, Agda threatens her daughter-in-law, putting Karl in the middle between the two women, until eventually, Irene begins to question what happened to Karl's first wife, and whether her own fate might be hanging in the balance.