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These 150 black and white botanical and horticultural clip art images in TIF format are suitable for spot illustrations. They were drawn in pencil, charcoal, and pen and ink, with varying degrees of detail. Many of these images are quite small (1.5" to 2" wide at 300 dpi) and the rest are a little larger (about 3" to 5" wide at 300 dpi). At 300 dpi, you can expect to maintain clarity enlarged to at least twice the size, and many of these images can go larger than that. Unlimited use — no licensing or royalty fees.

The file names describe the content, and the following are included: fuchsias, poisonous plants, carnivorous plants, codiaeum, water lilies, orchids, geraniums, vase of flowers, poppies, spathiphyllum, foxglove, musa, bromeliad stump, pine tree, petunia, holly, dieffenbachia, carnation, poinsettia, buttercup, polypodiums, roses, dracaenas, ivy, meadowsweet, ficus lyrata, daffodil, kentia, mistletoe, philodendron, bamboo, willow, photosynthesis, flower parts, plant parts, roots, bulbs, corms, fungus gnats, thrips, scale, mites, mealybug, aphid, whitefly, leaf problems, leaf types, tendril, transplanting, topdressing, subirrigation, pebble tray, drip irrigation, drainage, gardening supplies, moisture meter, fertilizers, trellis, watering can, double-potting, grafting, rooting, leaf types, leaf bases, leaf tips, leaf shapes, and leaf venation.

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Composite of all the images in the botanical-horticultural clip art collection