The following books by Joelle Steele, some of them quite short, are currently out of print, or have been recombined into other larger and more comprehensive books.

Tapestry of EdenA Tapestry of Eden: A Poetic Memoir of Monterey County (2000) Monterey County is surely one of the most beautiful places in the world. From the rocky shores of the Monterey Bay and Big Sur to the inland empire of the Salinas Valley, it hosts the natural beauty of Spanish adobes, pines and cypress, deer and whales, that make it a worthy subject of any poem, including the 24 in this collection.

ABCs DracaenasABCs of Indoor Dracaenas and Other Related Foliage Plants (1990/2005) Originally titled Indoor Dracaenas and Other Foliage Plants of the Liliaceae Family, this short book was later amended when many of the plants in it were reclassified into other families and genera. Included in this book are short profiles of many of the Dracaenas, Cordylines, Pleomeles, Yuccas, Beaucarneas, and Aspidistras that are commonly found in the indoor landscape.

ABCs FernsABCs of Indoor Ferns (2004) Ferns are among the oldest plants living today, and not all of them resemble the commonly seen Boston fern. They come in many shapes and sizes that are suitable for the indoor landscape, and this book includes many of those from the genera Adiantum, Asplenium, Cyrtomium, Davallia, Dicksonia, Nephrolepis, Pellaea, Platycerium, Polypodium, Pteris, and Rumohra, as well as Asparagus and Selaginella.

ABCs PalmsABCs of Indoor Palm Trees (1998/2003/2005) There are many members of the Palmae family, but only a few are used indoors. Included in this book are short plant portraits of species from the genera Archontophoenix, Areca, Caryota, Chamaedorea, Chamaeops, Chrysalidocarpus, Cocos, Coccothrinax, Howeia, Licuala, Livistona, Microcoelium, Neodypsis, Phoenix, Ptychosperma, Ravenea, Rhapis, Sabal, Seaforthia, Syagrus, Thrinax, Trachycarpus, Veitchia, and Washingtonia. Also included are palm like plants such as Bambusa, Phyllostachys, Pseudosasa, Sass, Cycas, and Pandanus.

AnthropometryAnthropometry and the Human Face in Photographs (1992) For anyone who has questions about who's who in a photograph, this unique book has the answers. It was written specifically for genealogists, historians, appraisers, attorneys, law enforcement, private investigators, and anyone who works with photographs of people. Author and facial features analyst Joelle Steele covers the basics of anthropometry as adapted for use in the two-dimensional world of photography and covers the anatomy, analysis, measurement, and comparison of the face and ears, as well as idosyncratic traits and other identifying factors.

Devil's GardenDevil's Garden (1980) A daughter of slaves, Mariah King graduates from Oberlin College with a degree in botany in 1915. Three years later, her book, The Devil's Garden: An Encyclopaedia of Toxic Plants, is published. Mariah is an educated "Negro" woman fighting to survive in the often dangerous white man's world. While teaching botany in Oakland, California, she becomes a consultant to the police, helping solve poisoning deaths and murders, including the 1921 murder of a woman with many secrets and a murderer who's a little too close to home for amateur detective Mariah.

Emp MgmtSuccessful Employee Management for the Horticultural Service Business (1985/1998/1999) Without employees your interior/exterior landscape business has limited potential. This books explains everything you need to know about help wanted ads, screening, interviewing, hiring, training, evaluating progress, supervision, motivation, disciplinary action, termination, and much more. The emphasis is always on the use of preventive measures -- the least expensive options for avoiding problems before they occur -- to ensure a motivated and productive workforce.

GraphologyGraphology: An Introduction to Handwriting Analysis and Personnel Selection (2001) Graphology or graphoanalysis is the analysis and interpretation of handwriting. This booklet provides a brief history of graphology and explains its use in psychological profiling, personnel selection, detecting forgery, and identifying unknown writers. It also explains how to take a proper handwriting sample for analysis and comparison to other handwriting samples.

Web HorticultureHow to Create a Successful Web Site For Your Horticultural Business (1998/2005) A small book but big on information, and all of it is direct to interior/exterior landscaping businesses. It includes evaluating your web needs; start-up info for those with little computer background; planning your website; writing your pages; designing your pages; organizing files; use of images; hyperlinks; HTML coding; maintaining your website; marketing and promoting your website; and monitoring the success of your website.

Web Sm BusHow to Create and Maintain A Successful Web Site For Your Small Business (2005) This small book is big on information directed specifically to small businesses. It includes evaluating your web needs; start-up info for those with little computer background; planning your website; writing your pages; designing your pages; organizing files; use of images; hyperlinks; HTML coding; maintaining your website; marketing and promoting your website; and monitoring the success of your website.

Astro MktgHow to Market Your Astrological Services (1995/1998/2004) You may have a good head for knowing what's at work in the planets and stars, but this small book describes what every astrologer needs to find clients by marketing their services and establishing a demand for them. Included in this small book is targeting your market, designing your image, advertising, public relations, websites, public speaking, and writing and blogging to both educate and promote astrology and your services.

Hort MktgHow to Market Your Horticultural Services (1998-2002) You may have a "green thumb," but this small book describes what every interior/exterior landscaper needs in order to market their services, to establish a demand for them. Included is targeting your market, designing your image, advertising, public relations, websites, public speaking, and writing and blogging to both educate about horticulture and plant care as you simultaneously promote your services.

Mkt Sm BusHow to Market Your Small Business (2003) Small businesses are often founded and run by skilled entrepreneurs who know their products and services but have difficulty establishing a demand for them. This book explains what you need to market your products and services. Learn how to target your market, design your image, advertize, manage public relations, use websites and the Web, and write/blog to promote your business.

Astro SelectHow to Select & Work With An Astrologer (1995) In this book you'll learn the most basic astrological terms in relation to understanding what it is that an astrologer does and knowing what kinds of information an astrologer requires from you to erect your horoscope. Also included is advice on selecting an astrologer who's right for you, working with that individual, and understanding the various kinds of astrological specialties that are available to address your different needs.

Indoor H2O TechsIndoor Watering Techniques; Water Quality, Application Techniques, Subirrigation, and Hydroculture (1992/1998/2003) This one-of-a-kind book is all about watering plants indoors. It explains the many kinds of water, the role of water in plants, water quality and pH, water damage, determining when to water, establishing watering schedules, different ways to water, drip irrigation, water temperature, overwatering, underwatering, subirrigation systems, and hydroponics and hydroculture.

Physics of LoveThe Physics of Love (1989/2009) Relationships can be messy. You fall in love. You fall out of love. You're in love but you question everything. Love flows smoothly or crashes on a rocky shore. It waxes, it wanes. It grows, it changes, it dies. Love is betrayed. Love goes wrong. Love is joy. Love ends in anger, disappointment, tragedy, agony, sadness, loneliness, or relief. These 28 poems written over a period of bout 35 years seem to cover all those aspects of love.

Rosary BedRosary Bed (1982) Mariah King, a "Negro" woman teaching botany at a college in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1929, travels to California's central coast to consult with a police department on the suspected poisoning death -- and possible murder -- of Javier Guerrero, a priest at a mission undergoing restoration. As Mariah delves into the background of Father Guerrero, she uncovers a long history of suspicious deaths at the mission, some going back more than a century.

Soils & NutrientsSoils & Nutrients for Indoor Plants (1988/2004) Gardening indoors is very different than outdoors, and nowhere is it more different that when you're dealing with soils and nutrients. This book addresses the types of indoor soils and their contents and textures; water retention and drainage; transplanting and soil changes; fertilizers and interpreting fertilizer labels; macro- and micro-nutrients; nutritient deficiencies; when and how to fertilize; and how to avoid overfertilization.

Thursday's ChildThursday's Child (1987) When the author was extremely ill -- mentally and physically -- for more than a decade, she struggled with pain and loss, often submerged in anger and grief, and as often on the verge of suicide. Her poems from that time period are gloomy and somber, reflecting a depressed state that many other people have also experienced under similar circumstances. Trying to maintain a normal outward appearance, she channeled her misery into her poetry in an attempt to understand herself and find her way back to her life.

Under Weeping SkyUnder A Weeping Sky (1976) In the early 1970s, the author read one of her poems at a poetry reading in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Afterwards, she went to City Lights bookstore where she met Allen Ginsberg, who had been at the reading. He told her, "Your imagery is distinct, but you should not be such a slave to rhyme." She wrote in free verse/blank verse from that point on. Also in the audience at Golden Gate Park was a small press publisher that ultimately published this collection of 23 poems.