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. . . RÉSUMÉ . . .

Joelle Steele wears many hats, and so her complete résumé is tediously long, but she also has a separate art résumé, a writing and publishing résumé, and an anthropometry resume, all of which are much shorter.

. . . BIOGRAPHY . . .

Joelle Steele is an artist, designer, writer, and publisher. She is also an accomplished professional in several fields: anthropometry (see her face comparisons bio), astrology, genealogy, graphoanalysis, horticulture (see her detailed horticultural bio), and legal writing (visit She opened for business in 1983 and began selling her products and services online in 1992. Joelle has a bachelor's degree in Language Arts (a double major in English and Linguistics). She also has vocational certificates in Ornamental Horticulture and in Interior Design, with specialties in Color and Space Planning, and she had nine years of private art instruction. She has extensive published art and writing credits.

With an artistic ancestry and art-influenced childhood, Joelle began painting in watercolors at the age of 4. She studied art in school and also had private art instruction from the ages of 8 to 17. Her paintings and intricate ink drawings were selected for inclusion in nine student art exhibitions before she graduated from high school. She was also interested in photography from the age of 10, and restored photographs in the darkroom, later in Photoshop, to the tune of more than 5,000 photographs. Her parents had an extensive home library and Joelle began reading and writing at an early age and had written her first novel - not worthy of publication! - at the age of 16. She became an avid reader from an early age and has been reading a minimum of two books per week since she was 14.

In college, Joelle worked as a part-time illustrator and copywriter for an advertising agency, and then became a creative director for a book publisher and the co-owner of a recording studio. It was during that time that she also had her first two art exhibits, one for her watercolors and the other for her large oils on canvas. Three years later, her first two novels were published, and she began working in the landscape industry, starting her own business in that field five years later. At the same time, she became an anthropometrist, specializing in identifying people in photographs. In 1983, she started several other businesses, including one as a creative services provider and one as a periodicals publisher. She also began writing contracts for small businesses. She continued to pursue her writing of books, articles, and works for hire, as well as her work in the visual arts, including painting in watercolors and acrylics, illustrating in watercolor and ink, doing portrait photography, and participating in many co-op art shows. She has also edited 100+ books, primarily for first-time authors. From 1983 through 2016, she taught adult education classes at several colleges in southern California and Washington state. She took her business to the Web in 1992.


Joelle Steele's very brief artist statement.

Artistically Inclined by Joelle Steele. A short autobiography of the artist's life as it pertains to art.

Joelle Steele: Artist's Tools and Techniques.


Author Interview - Joelle Steele, 2017

Author Interview - Joelle Steele
video interview, 2015

Face to Face with Joelle Steele by Valerie McCady, 2012

The Evolution of an Artist - Joelle Steele Relocates and Moves into a New World of Painting Experiences
by Barbara Cabot (unpublished, 2010)

The Life of a Writer and Artist - A World of Creativity in Self-Publishing and the Internet
by Barbara Cabot, Freelance Magazine, 2005

Career Dialogue with Joelle Steele, Commercial/Graphic Artist
Occupational Outlook and Training Directory for Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties, 2001

Joelle Steele Expands Her Creativity
by Barbara Cabot, Freelance Magazine, 1992

Back From Homelessness - Venice Beach Artist and Writer Tells Her Story
by Sheryl Brenneman, Beach's Sentinel, 1992

The Nature of Illustration: California Artist Joelle Steele
by Merilee Kutchensen, Book Bag, 1987

Joelle Steele: Burlingame Artist Opens at The Lorton
by Louis Friedstadt, Bay Arts Guide, 1976


2017 Spider in the Attic (Coming Soon)
2017 Souvenirs of Europe: Decorative Landscape Etchings 1900-1949 (Coming Soon)
2016 Reflections
2015 Delusions
2014 Shades
2014 Perceptions, Passions, and Paradoxes
2014 Face To Face: Analysis And Comparison Of Facial Features To Authenticate Identities of People In Photographs
2013 The Small Business Webmaster: An Introduction to the Basics of Creating, Marketing, and Maintaining a Successful Web Site
2008 Guía Para Plantscapers: El Mantenimiento de Plantas Interiores (2014)
2008 A Brief History of the Buzzini, Crosetti, and Martelli Families (2016)
2004 Unblocked: How to Expand Your Creativity by Removing & Preventing Creative Blocks (2014)
2004 Plantscaper's Guide to Interior Landscape Maintenance (2005, 2008, 2009 2014)
2004 Living & Breathing: How to Make Your Characters Come Alive (2014)
2004 Human Resource Guide and Policy Manual for Small Businesses (2005-2014)
2004 Grandma Helny's Old-Fashioned Swede-Finn Recipes (2014)
2004 An Illustrated History of the Steele, Furu, and Forström Families (2005, 2007, 2012, 2015, 2017)
2003 Cooking for Fluffy: Healthy Home-Made Feline Diets (2006, 2014)
1998 Researching and Writing Your Family History (2000, 2003,2014)
1994 Astrological Prediction Of Earthquakes and Seismic Data Collection (1994, 1998, 2003, 2009, 2012, 2014)
1992 Interior Landscape Dictionary (2006, 2012, 2014)
1986 How To Start Your Own Interior Landscape Business (1998, 2003, 2008, 2014)
1985 Human Resource Guide and Policy Manual for Horticultural Companies (1986-2013
1985 Get The Job & Make A Profit (1999, 2003, 2006, 2014)

Out-of-Print Books by Joelle Steele


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