Joelle Steele wears many hats. She is an expert and experienced writer, artist, designer, publisher, paralegal, educator, genealogist, anthropometrist, graphoanalyst, horticulturist, and astrologer. She writes in all styles, genres, and formats, and her extensive published credits include 38 books, 50+ short stories, 700+ articles, and 100+ contract templates, as well as thousands of writes for hire, web pages, poems, lyrics, jingles, contributing chapters, etc. Steele has published several periodicals and 25 books for others but currently only self-publishes her own books. She is also a former editor of more than 100 books, primarily for first-time authors. For more than 30 years she taught adult education classes on writing and publishing at local colleges, andshe continues to speak on those topics for writers' groups and other publishing industry organizations. Steele was born and raised in California and currently lives in Washington state.


1973-pres. Write books, articles, short stories, ad copy, poetry, promotional pieces.
1983-pres. Write and publish 100+ contract templates for small business.
1983-pres. Write advice columns on writing/publishing/websites.
1985-pres. Self-publish books and ebooks.
1986-2016 Teach adult ed classes in writing/publishing.
1976-2010 Book editor (content), fiction and non-fiction.
1988-2010 Design, marketing, and publishing consultant.
1994-2010 Write and SEO Web copy.
1998-2010 Web site consultant, troubleshooter, and instructor.
1999-2009 Designed and developed Web sites for clients.
2001-2006 Co-editor, The Quarterly, Swedish Finn Hist. Soc. (part-time, volunteer)
1994-2005 Writer, editor, and creative director for specialty publications.
1997-2005 Thesis editor, Defense Language Inst. and Naval Postgrad. School.
1999-2005 Copywriter/copyeditor, Central Coast Adventures (part-time).
2004-2005 Proofreader, Monterey County Weekly (part-time).
1997-2002 Publisher and editor, Folio for Professional Writers.
1994-2001 Publisher and editor, California Astrologer Magazine.
2000-2001 Webmaster, Asilomar Conference Grounds (part-time).
1985-1997 Co-editor, Interiorscape Newsletter, Moore Consulting.
1983-1994 Publisher and editor, Interior Landscape Newsletter and Landscape Pro.
1987-1992 Publisher and editor, Golden Opportunities Magazine.
1985-1991 Publisher and editor, Songsmith Magazine.
1985-1987 Marketing panelist, KBIZ Radio talk show.
1975-1977 Creative director, Torrey-Matlock Publications.
1971-1973 Copywriter, Valentine Urgo & Associates (part-time).


Bachelor of Arts: Language Arts, California State University-East Bay, Hayward, California
Associate in Arts: Liberal Arts, Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California
Scholarship, French, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California


1987-pres. Acknowledgment, Biographical Record, Who's Who Historical Society.
2000 Certificate of Completion, Professional Web Site Administrator Course, Univ. of NY.
1996 Certificate of Completion, Professional Publishing Expert, PSP/AAP, Seattle.
1994 Certificate of Proficiency, Desktop Publishing, Santa Monica College.
1993 Certificate of Proficiency, Adv. Desktop Publishing, Santa Monica College.
1988 Acknowledgment, 2,000 Notable American Women, American Biographical Institute.
1986 Award of Excellence, Music City Song Festival Lyric Competition-Novelty, Nashville.
1983 Certificate of Merit, American Song Festival-Lyric Competition, Nashville.


2001-pres. American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers (ASCAP), New York.
1991-1994 Cat Writer’s Association (CWA), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1984-1994 Garden Writers Association of America (GWA), Manassas, Virginia
1985-1994 PMA Independent Book Publishers Association
1984-1994 Magazine Publishers of America (MPA)
1978-1994 American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)


2016 Reflections, 1st ed. (self-ebook and print book)
2015 Delusions, 1st ed. (self-ebook, print book, and audio book)
2014 Shades, 1st ed. (self-ebook, print book, and audio book)
2014 Face To Face: Analysis And Comparison Of Facial Features To Authenticate Identities of People In Photographs, 3rd ed. (self-ebook); 2013, 2nd ed. (self-print book); 1992, 1st ed. (self-print book, Anthropometry And The Human Face in Photographs)).
2014 Astrological Prediction Of Earthquakes and Seismic Data Collection, 9th ed. (self-ebook); 2008-2012, 4th-8th eds. (self-ebook); 2003, 3rd ed. (self-print book); 1998, 2nd ed. (print book, Park Place Publications); 1994, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2014 Cooking for Fluffy: Healthy Home-Made Feline Diets, 3rd ed. (self-ebook); 2006, 2nd ed. (self-print book); 2003, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2014 Grandma Helny's Old-Fashioned Swede-Finn Recipes, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 2004, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2014 Interior Landscape Dictionary, 4th ed. (self-ebook); 2012, 3rd ed. (self-rev. print book); 2006, 2nd ed. (self-rev. print book); 1992, 1st ed. (hardcover, Van Nostrand Reinhold /Wiley).
2014 Plantscaper's Guide to Interior Landscape Maintenance, 5th ed. (self-ebook); 2009, 4th ed. (self-rev. print book and audio book); 2005-08, 1st-3rd eds. (self-print book).
2014 Guía Para Plantscapers: El Mantenimiento de Plantas Interiores, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 2008, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2014 Perceptions, Passions, and Paradoxes, 1st ed. (self-ebook).
2014 Researching and Writing Your Family History, 4th ed. (self-ebook); 2003, 3rd ed. (self-print book); 2000, 2nd ed. (self-print book); 1998, 1st ed. (self-print book, A Quick Introduction to Researching Your Family Tree and Writing and Compiling Your Family History).
2014 Living & Breathing: How to Make Your Characters Come Alive, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 2004, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2014 Unblocked: How to Expand Your Creativity by Removing & Preventing Creative Blocks, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 2004, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2014 How To Start Your Own Interior Landscape Business, 6th ed. (self-ebook); 2003-08, 3rd-5th eds. (self-print book); 1998, 2nd ed. (print book, Park Place Publications); 1986, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2014 Get The Job & Make A Profit, 5th ed. (self-ebook); 2006, 4th ed. (self-print book); 2003, 3rd ed. (self-print book); 1999, 2nd ed. (print book, Park Place Publications); 1985, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2013 The Small Business Webmaster: An Introduction to the Basics of Creating, Marketing, and Maintaining a Successful Web Site, 2nd ed. (self); 2005, 1st ed. (self-How to Create and Maintain A Successful Web Site for Your Small Business).
2013 Human Resource Guide and Policy Manual for Small Businesses, 11th ed. (self-ebook); 2009-12, 6th-10th eds. (self-ebook); 2004-08, 1st-5th eds. (self).
2013 Human Resource Guide and Policy Manual for Horticultural Companies, 14th ed. (self-ebook); 2008-12, 9th-13th eds. (self-ebook); 2003-06, 6th-8th eds. (self); 1998-99, 4th-5th eds. (Park Place Publications); 1985-92, 1st-3rd eds. (self).
2013 An Illustrated History of the Steele, Furu, and Forström Families, 3rd ed. (self-ebook); 1910, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 2005, 1st ed. (self).
2009 Thursday's Child, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 1987, 1st ed. (self).
2009 The Physics of Love, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 1989, 1st ed. (Darning Needle Press).
2009 A Tapestry of Eden: A Poetic Memoir of Monterey County, 2nd ed. (self-ebook); 2000, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2008 A Brief History of the Buzzini, Crosetti, and Martelli Families, 1st ed. (self-ebook).
2005 The ABCs Of Indoor Palm Trees, 3rd ed. (self-print book); 2003, 2nd ed (self-print book); 1998, 1st ed. (print book, Park Place Publications).
2005 How to Create a Successful Web Site for Your Horticultural Business, 1st ed. (self-print book)
2004 The ABCs of Indoor Dracaenas and Other Related Foliage Plants, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2004 Soils & Nutrients for Indoor Plants, 2nd ed. (self); 1988, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2004 How to Market Your Astrological Services, 3rd ed. (self); 1998, 2nd ed. (Park Place Publications); 1995, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2004 The ABCs Of Indoor Ferns, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2003 Indoor Watering Techniques: Water Quality, Application Techniques, Subirrigation, and Hydroculture, 3rd ed. (self-print book); 1998, 2nd ed. (print book, Park Place Publications); 1992, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2003 How to Market Your Small Business, 1st ed. (self-print book).
2002 How to Market Your Horticultural Services, 2nd ed. (self-print book); 1998, 1st ed. (print book, Park Place Publications).
1995 How to Select & Work With An Astrologer, 1st ed. (self-print book).
1982 The Rosary Bed: A Mariah King Mystery, 1st ed. (paperback, Chalke Press, Kansas City, MO).
1980 Devil's Garden: A Mariah King Mystery, 1st ed. (paperback, Chalke Press, Kansas City, MO).
1976 Under A Weeping Sky, 1st ed. (print book, Wunderbooks, Buffalo, NY).

ARTICLES PUBLISHED (selected articles only)

2014 Format Your Manuscript for a Great Ebook Conversion (self-Web)
2010 Tips for Surviving & Thriving in a Difficult Economy,
2009 Neuromarketing (self-Web)
2008 How to Fix the Most Common Website Mistakes,
2006 Digital Plastic Surgery-Technology Preserves Faces From The Past (self-Web)
2006 How to Avoid the Most Common Web Site Mistakes,
2005 Swedish Finns: Living Well and Living Longer, The SFHS Quarterly
2004 Matts Johansson Torp Svartsjo, The SFHS Quarterly
2004 Schnyer's Corneal Dystrophy, The SFHS Quarterly
2004 Overcoming Creative Blocks, The Artists Magazine
2004 A Forstrom Family Tragedy, The SFHS Quarterly
2003 The Bredbacka Homestead in Terjärv, The SFHS Quarterly
2003 Ray Dolby's Ancestry Revisited, The SFHS Quarterly
2002 Understanding Kinship: When Cousins Marry, The SFHS Quarterly
2002 How I Came To Know Grandma Helny, The SFHS Quarterly
2001 What Is A Writing Style?, Folio
2001 Preparing Your Manuscript For Editing, Folio
2001 Is Self-Publishing For You?, Folio
2001 How to Write A Book Proposal, Folio
2000 Why Is Editing So Expensive?, Folio
2000 A Dozen Tips for Writers, Folio
1999 How to Write A Press Release and Get It Published, Freelance Magazine
1999 Finding The Right Pet Bird For You, Your World of Birds
1996 Finding The Perfect Tenant, Westside Property Management Magazine
1995 Know Your Creative Rights, Freelance Magazine
1995 Living By A Challenge: Doing The Right Thing, Ploughshares
1994 Planning Your Non-Profit Organization's Annual Publication, Utd Charities of So Calif
1993 Structure: The Key to Stress-Free Business Success, Home Office Opportunities
1993 Time Is Money, Home Office Opportunities
1993 Ten Steps to Business Success, Home Office Opportunities
1993 Brochures: How to Use Them Effectively, Home Office Opportunities
1993 Get & Keep Good Employees, Remodeling News
1992 Back From Homelessness, Mensa Bulletin
1992 Homelessness: It Can Happen to Anyone, Mensa Bulletin
1991 Breaking The Cycle of Verbal Abuse, Body Mind & Spirit
1991 Using Newsletters to Promote Your Business, Freelance Magazine
1989 How to Evaluate Your Company & Write A Business Plan, Home Office Newsletter
1989 Advertising & Marketing Tips, Home Office Newsletter
1984 Tips for Writing Poetry, Pig Sty
1978 Interview: RKO Programming Director Les Garland, Music Machine
1978 Interview: Skip Taylor Makes Stars, Audio Back Pages
1978 Interview: Music Producer Bones Howe, Music Machine
1978 Interview: Rock Impresario Bill Graham Presents, Music Machine
1976 Leo Fender Builds A Better Electric Guitar, Audio Back Pages
1976 Interview: No More Changes for Piano Man Nicky Hopkins, Music Machine
1976 Interview: Joe Perry Rocks, Music Machine


2004 The Ice House, The SFHS Quarterly
1996 Walk Away, By The Bay
1995 The End of the World, By The Bay
1994 Izzy's Dream, Let's Read A Story
1994 Mrs. Wingo's Cat, Mystique
1992 Baxter In The City, Let's Read A Story
1985 Rose Court, Pig Sty
1984 A Joyful Mother, Pig Sty
1983 A Desperate Temptation, Pig Sty
1979 The Waiting Room, Fagan Press Quarterly
1978 Some Call It Autumn, Fagan Press Quarterly
1977 Someone Else's Life, Fagan Press Quarterly
1976 A Companion to Owls, Fagan Press Quarterly


2000 I Cannot Touch A Cloud (poem), Poetry's Elite-Best Poets, Int'l Lib. of Poetry.
2000 Confession (poem), The Falling Rain, Int'l Library of Poetry.
2000 I Cannot Touch A Cloud (poem), From The Mountaintop, Int'l Library of Poetry.
2000 Awakened Too Soon (poem), America At The Millennium, Int'l Library of Poetry.
1999 (Why Can't It Be) Christmas Every Day (lyrics), Scott Getline, composer.
1999 Grand Old Dames (poem), 30th Annual Pacific Grove Historic Home Tour Guide.
1999 Butterfly Days (poem), 30th Annual Pacific Grove Historic Home Tour Guide.
1999 Awakened Too Soon (poem), Sunrise and Soft Mist, Int'l Lib. of Poetry.
1999 Fun and Free (poem), Free and Fun Things to Do and See, Park Place Publications.
1999 Awakened Too Soon (poem), Surrounded by Dreams, National Library of Poetry.
1998 The Old Russian Church (poem), The Music of Silence, National Library of Poetry.
1996 Lie (poem), Essence Of A Dream, National Library of Poetry.
1990 Flowers Have So Much To Say (jingle), The Petal Shop (local)
1990 Don't Despair, Call Dr. Drain! (jingle), Dr. Drain Plumbing (local)
1989 We'll Beat All Other Deals (jingle), Clark Chevrolet (local)
1988 Because We Care (jingle), Park & Adair (local)
1988 Your Dreams Come True (jingle), Sleep Soft (national)
1985 We Work in Rain and Snow (jingle), Jericho Floor & Tile (regional)
1984 A Great Deal For You (jingle), Clark Chevrolet (local)
1980 It's A Big Bad World Out There (jingle), Stanley Residential Security (national)


1997-2002 Folio for Professional Writers, bi-monthly
1994-2001 California Astrologer, bi-monthly
1987-1992 Golden Opportunities, quarterly
1985-1991 Songsmith, bi-monthly
1983-1994 Landscape Pro (Hortica), bi-monthly
1983-1994 The New Leaf Press, monthly


1990 Indoor Watering Techniques
1987 How to Market Your Horticultural Services
1986 Employee Management Techniques for Horticultural Businesses
1985 Get The Job & Make A Profit-Sales & Estimating Techniques for Interiorscapers


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BOOKS EDITED (partial list)

2011 Vermont Home Cooking by Carole White
2011 Dark Matter by Pearl White
2011 After Life: A Widow's Way by Margaret Otello
2010 The Left Bank Letters by W. Henney
2010 Are You Living Well? by Ian Tender
2009 Raleigh's Guide to Raising Orchids, Geoff Raleigh
2009 How To Build Your Castle In The Air by Alvin J. Litkey, Ph.D.
2008 The Eye People by David Vanderlee
2008 Culpability by G. Perotti
2007 The Traveling Tailor by Charles B. White
2007 Overcoming Survivor Guilt by Laura Hoffman, PhD
2006 The Clouder Mill Incident by Alan Barash
2005 Big Sur Living: 40 Years in The Wilderness by Roslyn Hare
2004 In Search Of A Hero by Richard Aulding
2004 Your Place and Mine by Cindy Gum
2004 Legacy of Silver and Saddles by White, Wright, Harris, and Petersen
2004 Rumpah! by Frank W. Lewis
2004 Canary Breeding Tips and Tricks by Herman Osman
2004 Unconditional Love by Bobbie Schacher
2003 Wanton: A Tale of Ancient China by Suki Oh
2003 I'll Always Remember Momma by Valerie Kennedy
2003 The Summer Room by Melissa Godwin-Speeke
2003 Born To Love by Rev. John S. Corbin
2003 Five Fateful Rings by Dan Presser
2003 Tenants & Cobwebs by Sadok Masliyah
2002 California Rodeo Salinas: 100 Years of History by Burton Anderson
2002 Listen: It will Change Your Life by Charles Page
2002 New In Town by Nancy Kellogg
2002 Why I Lied by Milgua Mariel
2001 Banjo Baby & Other Alabama Tales by K.G. Murphy
2001 The Ziploc War by LTC Michael A. Gatewood
2001 Grind! by Ron J. Trevino
2001 Good-Bye Ophelia by Stanley E. Ewig
2001 The Heat of Atlantis by H. David Bentley
2001 Running Backwards With The 50s Kid by Fritz von Berg
2000 La Fiesta's Authentic Receipes of Old California by Caroline De Soto
2000 Relentless by Howard Klein
2000 A Courageous Heart by Susan Llewellyn
2000 Breaking the Ice by Donald Vining
1999 Turn Left on the Right by Witt Barry
1997 The Witching Tree by Claudia Nagel
1997 The House That Jake Built by Roberta Gault Leonard
1996 The Niceties by Phyla Carter
1996 Slightly Bent by Greg Bender
1996 The Anglosaurus by Petra Ford
1995 Rose, My Rose by Gregg Porgesse
1995 Angelo Fumari Comes To America by Fay Mugarte Rawlings
1994 May I Take Your Order Please? by Francine La Fontaine
1994 Whittle A Little: The Art of Carving Wood by Kenneth A. Wishard
1994 Tattoo Reminders by Aaron Metz
1993 Tips For The Middle Class Investor by Molly Fellowes
1993 The Sinking Man by Robert Castell
1992 Better Left Unsaid by Crystal Cornell
1992 Sew Now: How to Make Your Own Patterns by Margie Kallis
1992 To Dance On A Cloud by Rachel Bach
1991 Starch by Steve Warren
1991 South of the Border by Rand Quince
1991 Making Choices: Plans C Through Z by Hennessey
1991 A Wiser Man by C. Corbett Miles
1990 In The Time Between Times by Suzanne Edwards
1990 Master Gardener's Guide to Flowering Plants by Two Green Thumbs
1990 The Zuider Ark by Jan von Doornewaard
1989 The Farm at Turtle Creek by Gretchen Wilding
1989 Too Much, Too Many by Saul Green
1988 Shopper's Paradise by Susan Stoleman
1988 From Here to There & Back Again by Rachel Bach
1988 The Curious Case of Dr. Fly by Carly Stewart
1987 Lisa Brotman Buys A Farm by A. Brotman and C. Brotman Hayes
1987 Finding Your Place in God's Universe by Edward Manning
1987 Deco-Woods: How to Hand-Paint Furniture by Sheen and Bartoldi
1987 Moonlight Reveals by Devonne Lewis
1986 No Limitations: Living With Cerebral Palsy by Lance Sark
1986 California Life In The Movies by Lippy Goldman
1985 Let's Get Organized! by Wendy Hightower
1985 The Magick of Prayers, Spells, and Incantations by Eva Perez
1984 The Enemy In The Jungle by Boyd Sargent
1984 A Tinker at Waterloo by Ivy Einholdt Jacobsen
1984 In The Blink of An Eye by Harrison
1983 Dining on Donuts by Andrew Reddig
1983 Vietnam: I Was There by Richard Sheeler
1982 The Trigger by John Steiger
1979 It's A Gift by Kathleen Post
1979 One Day In Maple County by Barbara Lansdowne
1978 The Recording Studio Guide for Musicians by Gus Banks
1978 The Art of Meditation by Raina Geary
1978 A Woman in Pearls by Ann-Jannette Rossi
1977 Women on Ladders by Catherine Lister and Roberta Leigh
1976 Black As A Crow by Donna Jackson
1976 Take Your Stand by C. Randall Anderson
1976 On The Heels of Thunder by Collette Gausse
1976 Diagnosis & Treatment of Tropical Diseases by M.G. Dudevante, MD


2011-11-20 Marketing & Manuscript Preparation, Lewis County Writers Guild.
2001-11-06 Working with Editors, National Writers Union/Monterey Chapter.
1992-04-23 Challenges Of Small Press Publishers, LA Press Club.
1990-02-21 Ask The Author, West Side Writers Group.