by Joelle Steele

The following are some of Joelle's previously published short stories.

A Companion to Owls: A woman heads for an isolated cabin to deal with her losses.

A Desperate Temptation: A woman is tempted to steal in order to change her life.

A Joyful Mother: A woman finds joy in mothering a child who is not her own.

Baxter In The City: A short children's story about a country cat who visits his city cousins.

Izzy's Dream: A short children's story about a stray cat who's looking for a home.

Mrs. Wingo's Cat: A young apartment building manager gets some unexpected assistance from a tenant's precocious cat.

Rose Court: A short story-essay about an eerie little street in a neighborhood that feels haunted.

Some Call It Autumn: A dying young doctor returns to her home town to reconcile her past.

Someone Else's Life: A writer interviews people for a story about a recently deceased artist.

The End of the World: A woman trapped in a collapsed building waits for rescue following an earthquake.

The Ice House: A story about a troubled farmer's wife in a Swedish-Finn home in 18th century Finland.

The Waiting Room: The events that occur in the life of a young married couple in 1929 Chicago on the day of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Walk Away: A man who is dissatisfied with his life finds an unexpected escape from it all.